Best Internships with the United Nations (UNDP) for Students in 2023

United nations

United nations


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) internships 2023 are now accepting online applications from students, recent graduates, and volunteers. Interns can participate in UNDP programs for a generous stipend and the opportunity to gain practical professional experience.

If you want to make a difference in the world while gaining practical experience to supplement your degree, you should apply to the United Nations’ internship program.

This internship at the United Nations is an excellent way to gain knowledge of the organization’s operations. Internships are available in a variety of UN departments for recent graduates and students. Every effort is made to place the candidate’s qualifications and skill set in the firm’s most appropriate area.

About United Nations

The UNDP offers internships at various times throughout the year. Students from a variety of disciplines and fields can apply for these UN internships. Candidates are encouraged to check the United Nations website on a regular basis to see if a vacancy matches their qualifications.

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These internships are available at the United Nations headquarters, as well as its national and regional offices. The internship duration is determined by the candidate’s qualifications and the needs of the UN. Contracts for full-time and part-time work are awarded throughout the year.

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United nations Internship Sponsorship and Benefits in 2023:

Interns from UNDP and UN internship programs will be eligible for a stipend, housing allowance, reimbursement for literary expenses, and travel. The following are the allowance’s specifics:


UNDP interns will receive a monthly stipend to cover all internship-related expenses beginning January 1, 2023. The stipend amount is determined by the location of the internship and whether or not the candidate receives additional funds from his or her school or the government.

Permanent Positions Available:

The internship’s goal is to provide students with real-world experience by assigning them authentic tasks and projects to complete. Internships with UNDP do not lead to permanent employment. However, successful candidates are sometimes given additional jobs within the UNDP program or are offered employment with the UN under another program.

Eligibility Criteria for UN Internships:

UN internships are awarded based on merit. Students who meet any of the following academic requirements may apply to the UNDP:

They are pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree.

They are in their final year of a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent undergraduate program.

They earned a degree from university (as described above). If chosen for the internship, these individuals must begin their internship within one year of graduating.

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Candidates must be genuinely interested in development work and the UNDP’s goals. They must want to work with and be respected by people who speak different languages and have different cultural backgrounds.

They must be interested in relocating and unafraid of difficult situations and ever-changing environments. They must be adaptable and proactive when dealing with problems.

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Opportunities for Internships:

Data Science/Analytics/Computer Science in Politics

Human resources Program

Examining and Evaluating

Finance Recruitment Management and Program Evaluation

Communication and Research

Eligibility Criteria: Education

Admission is available in business administration or public administration, finance, accounting, management, economics, sociology, social work, psychology, commerce, law, or allied fields.

Languages used at work:

The United Nations Secretariat’s working languages are English and French. This internship requires fluency in English. Knowledge of Arabic would be advantageous.


This is a full-time UNPAID internship that provides a framework for students from various academic backgrounds to gain exposure to UN work through service in Secretariat institutions.

Applicants must have a demonstrated keen interest in UN work and a personal commitment to the Charter’s ideals, as well as the ability to interact successfully with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and beliefs, including a willingness to understand and tolerate differing opinions and perspectives.

Deadline for Submissions:

Each internship program offered by UN Internship in Geneva has its own deadline. The deadline for Human Resources is April 11, 2023.

How to Apply for a United Nations Internship

An Online Application System is now available for the United Nations Internship Program 2023. Click the “Official Link” button below, then select the internship program of interest, read the full internship description, and then click “Apply Now” to submit your application.

If you already have an account, sign in with your ID. You must first create an account if you do not already have one. We recommend that you learn more about this internship opportunity on the official website before applying.

Who Can Apply for Internships at the United Nations?

Language Prerequisites:

Candidates must be fluent in at least one of the languages listed below: Applicants who are fluent in two or more of the following languages will be given preference.

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
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Language skills in Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, or another Eastern European language are advantageous.

Annual Application Deadline for United Nations Internships

The United Nations posts numerous internship and employment opportunities for their ongoing and new programs throughout the year.

The deadline for applying for UN internships and positions varies by region. Internships and jobs are frequently posted on the UN’s job board. Candidates can search for and apply for these positions by clicking on the link below.

FAQs on Internships with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for Students in 2023

How does a university student get involved with the United Nations?

1. Secretariat. The most difficult course is an internship in the Secretariat, the political arm of the United Nations.

2. Agencies. The 25 specialized agencies that carry out specific functions within the UN,, provide a more direct path.

How Can Students Get Involved with UN Work?

You are free to apply for multiple UN internships.

Choose an internship from the provided list. You are free to submit multiple applications. Carefully read the job description. Match the “Competencies” to your cover letter in Inspiration and include the Job ID number.

Does the UN compensate Kenyan interns?

Interns at the United Nations are not compensated. Interns or their sponsoring organizations must cover all costs associated with travel, insurance, lodging, and living expenses.

UN Careers – Internship Program at the United Nations

In 2023, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will launch a Graduate Programme for young graduates (Fully Funded) Application deadline: October 12

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