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St. Clare’s Scholarship Application most people ask how to apply for the 2022–2023 program. Read this page to learn everything you need to know about the application process. Let’s move forward.

What is St. Clare’s Scholarship Application

Women who meet the requirements for the St. Clare’s Scholarship and are enrolled in any approved college or university in the United States of America are eligible to apply (USA). To be admitted to St. Clare’s Catholic High School, students must have completed a minimum of four semesters (or one academic year) of coursework.

Catholic all-girls St. Clare’s School offers meritorious students full scholarships. Each candidate for a scholarship is assessed based on both his or her academic and spiritual potential.

The St. Clare’s scholarship is open to all college students from the UK and overseas (international students).

Objectives of St. Clare’s scholarship

St. Clare’s scholarships are designed to aid students in developing their religious and scholarly selves.

Second, the scholarship aims to advance students’ leadership in both the intellectual and spiritual spheres, including their participation in the church.

The award is also meant to provide financial assistance to students who, for one reason or another, were unable to afford the cost of school.

Additionally, the St. Clare’s scholarship is merit-based. The applicant’s financial requirements will be taken into consideration if only they are selected as a finalist.

Who is eligible to apply for St. Clare’s scholarship program?

Regardless of socioeconomic level, race, or religious affiliation, anybody who wants to support young women who might not otherwise be able to afford a Catholic education is welcome to apply for a St. Clares scholarship.

The grant is open to all eligible students in the UK and overseas. One need not be a resident of St. Clare’s Parish to apply. Students must meet certain academic and spiritual requirements to be eligible for this prize.

Criteria for St. Clare’s Scholarship Eligibility

You might be selected based on your academic performance, life experiences, and interests.

Since our scholarships are merit-based, you must be ready to reveal and provide documentation of the applicant’s parents’ total income and assets if you desire to apply.

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All shortlisted candidates are required to attend our Scholarship Day.

How to Apply for the 2022–2023 St. Clare Scholarship Application Program

For students that enrich St. Clare’s School’s dynamic learning environment both academically and through their experiences, accomplishments, and interests, scholarships for the IB Diploma are offered.

At St. Clare’s, Oxford, applicants must first complete an application for scholarships and bursaries. The URL can be found below.

Verify that the necessary data is appropriately entered. Additionally, be sure to include a valid email address because it will be used to notify you when the results of your application are available.

Application portal for the St. Clare’s Scholarship

Click the link below to open the online application form and begin your application. Visit to access the official St. Clare website.

  • Use right now
  • Contact Info

If you have any questions or concerns, email is the best way to get in touch with the St. Clare’s scholarship team. Use the email address [email protected]

The following are the two phases in which scholarships are offered:

From the Anne Dreydel Foundation:

  • a grant
  • Partially funded scholarships

The Anne Dreydel Foundation Scholarship, in whose name the Anne Dreydel Foundation Scholarship was established, was founded at St. Clare’s High School in 1953. This category is eligible for the entire two-year IB Diploma program and only receives a small number of scholarship rewards.

What is covered by the Anne Dreydel Foundation Scholarship?

The locations: The maximum scholarship offer covers the cost of the IB Diploma.

Boarding facilities: The maximum scholarship award covers both IB tuition and residential costs.

The complete two years of the IB Diploma are covered by partial scholarship awards, which are made to cover a portion of a scholar’s educational expenses.

The reward for a partial scholarship includes:

Day locations: The scholarship grant covers a portion of the IB Diploma tuition fees.

Boarding facilities: The scholarship grant covers a portion of the IB tuition and residential costs.

St. Clare’s Scholarship Application Schedule beginning and Ending Dates

  • Type of scholarship Daytime areas locations for boarding
  • 2023 September Sept. 2023 is the entry year for St. Clare.
  • October 21, 2022, is the deadline for St. Clare’s applications. 20 October 2023

A scholarship test day is scheduled for November 5, 2022, or November 4, 2023.

availability of the offering Full and partial prizes Complete and partial recognition.

St. Clare’s Scholarship application

To enrich each girl’s life at every stage of her development and to prepare her for a life of service and leadership in the Church and the larger community, St. Clare’s School, an all-girls Catholic school in the small town of Hickory, North Carolina, offers students an education based on spiritual values and academic excellence. (Information on Study Abroad) The applicants must be enrolled full-time (at least 12 hours per week) in an American undergraduate program that has earned accreditation.

The St. Clare’s Scholarship has made it a priority to support young women’s personal growth since it was established in 1965 by making it simpler for them to continue their education and by giving them the resources they need to succeed in their academic activities. Another duty of the St. Clare’s Scholarship is to ensure that the young children who are interested in their care are properly looked after.

Overview of the St. Clare’s Scholarship

Due to the College’s continuing expansion, students who meet the prerequisites can now apply for scholarships. The College’s main objective is to ensure that deserving students obtain a top-notch education.

The Scholarship aims to give students financial support so they can keep honing their leadership abilities.

Find out what standards you must fulfil and when to submit your application.
When you leave this area, you’ll have more knowledge than when you came.

The Scholarship is just one of the many chances for growth that the College offers. It’s vital to keep in mind that all scholarships are awarded by the Principal to ensure the validity of all grants.

You must meet specific standards and apply for the university to evaluate your qualifications. Applications for scholarships are presently being accepted by the college.

If any required materials are missing, the College strongly discourages you from submitting your application.

Procedures for St. Clare’s scholarships

The St. Clare’s Scholarship Application Program is open to students who have completed at least 4 semesters (1 academic year) of study at St. Clare’s Catholic High School and who intend to enrol in an accredited college or university in the United States of America in the academic years 2016–2017 and 2017–2018.

The only students eligible for assistance under this program are those in grades 11 and 12. For this opportunity, there are numerous possibilities, including the following:

  • Scholarship from the principal
  • Scholarships for physical education and health
  • Scholarships for members of the community and the clergy
  • Academic research in the humanities

A grant from the principal

The pupils who are eligible for the St. Clare’s scholarships that were previously mentioned must be between the ages of 11 and 12.

A principal’s Scholarship is given to a current or prospective student who has shown exceptional academic improvement and success but whose situation prevents them from completing their studies at the College. The student could be a kindergartener or a senior.

This scholarship will cover the entire tuition, including any necessary levies, especially for Years 11 and 12. It’s crucial to realize that this scholarship cannot be used to pay for any extra or ongoing expenses, such as those connected to uniforms, formals, field trips, or other fees of a similar sort.


The grant is open to all female students, and they are all urged to apply. Given that your religious background is not taken into account, this can be the best choice for you.

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